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You can learn a language at any time. So how about learning Spanish?

Learn Spanish with Telelangue

Why learn Spanish?

Spanish is a respected language used all over the world. It’s the official language of 21 member countries of the UN. This makes it the 5th most spoken language in the world, after English, Chinese, Hindi and French. It is used throughout the world and spoken both in Europe and the Americas (North America with its large Latin-American population, and Central and South America in the former Spanish colonies). 

Meanwhile, Spain itself is the EU’s 5th largest economy and the world’s 12th largest economic power. It is a country of choice for holding international and Intra European talks. 

In addition to proficiency in English – now practically a prerequisite for any prospect of advancing a career – being able to speak another language, such as Spanish, will increase your opportunities to take part in international dialogue. It will also bring real added value to your CV and open many doors.


Where can you learn?

Here at Telelangue, we can offer innovative, interactive lessons that are in tune with your diary and daily commitments. Improving your language skills has never been easier. Regardless of your starting level, you can learn and improve at a rhythm that works for you. 

Thanks to our personalised language courses, we can offer you a tailor-made programme, so you can make learning a language part of your everyday activities. Use our remote learning sessions, immersive e-learning techniques, virtual classes led by teachers specialising in your selected language and even immersion courses abroad, to polish your language skills and go beyond your comfort zone. With the techniques we’ve developed here at Telelangue, you cannot fail to improve.

How can I pay for my course?

A range of solutions are available to help you learn Spanish, whatever your job situation.

If you’re an employee

Employees have a range of options in terms of lifelong learning. With your employer’s approval and support, your company can sponsor a course as part of its skills development plan (formerly known as a “training plan”).

In France, you can also use your French training credit scheme (CPF) to fund your course. This is a state mechanism enabling workers to go on developing their professional skills – a certain number of euros are paid into your CPF account every year to pay for the training course of your choice. 

As CPF funded courses must be validated with a certificate, you have to provide proof of the level achieved. With Telelangue, your studies are certified with a Bright test.  

If you’re a jobseeker

Looking for a new opportunity? Then now’s the time to learn something new and acquire fresh skills. In France, the job centre (Pôle Emploi) can help you find what you need. 

Learn Spanish with Telelangue

Want to give it a go?

Our courses will help you improve your skills whatever your age or professional situation.


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