Individual courses available in 6 different languages, wherever you are, 24/7

Individual remote lessons can be accessed via a mobile phone, a landline or Skype. 30-minute sessions that can easily be fitted into any timetable and are available 24/7 all over the world. It’s a formula that combines effective teaching (personal teacher) with flexible organisation (no need to travel, book online). Lessons are offered in 6 languages (English, French,
Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch) and personalised using specialist materials. Learners get the undivided attention of their teacher, who adapts their teaching to the learner’s needs and rhythm.

 Introduction to our remote, individual, language learning courses

Objective: Quickly improve or refresh language skills, make required progress with oral skills.

Support framework: 650 qualified, native speaker instructors, accessible wherever you are.

Time needed to set up programme: 24 hours or upon receipt of your funding body’s agreement.

Target audience: Private individuals and businesses.

Content: 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch. Intensive practice of spoken communication skills and operational skills.

Certification: Certification can be obtained for courses taken within the framework of the French training credit scheme (CPF), including TOEIC, BULATS, BRIGHT and DCL.

Prerequisites: None. Personalised according to learner’s level and goals.

Description of our language courses

  • Learning objectives determined and initial level tested online.
  • Lessons available 24/7, no matter where you are. Your teacher will call you at the agreed times.
  • 30-minute sessions.
  • Book online. Lessons can be postponed up to 6 hours before they are due to begin.
  • “Instant help” option – book a lesson within 30 minutes if you need urgent help.
  • Content sharing and working on learner’s own documents also possible.
  • Report generated after each lesson.
  • Videodescription format also available.
  • Video conferencing format also available.

Benefits of our remote language learning courses

  • Personalised content on general or business-related themes (over 200 different professions).
  • Maximum flexibility in terms of time and place.
  • Lessons adapted to suit learner’s individual rhythm and needs.
  • Simple and quick to organise.
  • Can respond to urgent needs.
  • Permanent interactivity.
  • Visible, tracked ROI.


At least 90 minutes of telephone lessons per week.


If you have a disability, please get in touch at so that we can meet your needs.

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