Learning German really can be easy

Learning German is easy with Telelangue. Get what you need to succeed: contact us right away and take a test to ascertain your level and have a free trial lesson.

Learning a foreign language is an exciting challenge that gives you a new window on other people and the world in general. Although German is somewhat underestimated, it’s widely spoken in the European Union and has a prominent role in inter-European and international dialogues. 

Speaking German can be a deciding factor in European markets and negotiations and the EU economy as a whole. If you want to stand out from the crowd, speaking more than one language is of primary importance and having English plus another language is sure to look good on any CV. 

In France, speaking German is the key to forming lasting relationships with Germany. Although discussions with Berlin or any German company generally take place in English, if you speak to your counterparts in German, you are showing them that you really want to engage with them, which gives you added value and makes you stand out from the crowd

Dare to go beyond your comfort zone and improve your language skills.

Using a variety of teaching and learning methods and resources, our exercises will help you set yourself challenges day after day. With personalised, immersive e-learning techniques to suit your level, CyberTeachers virtual classes and audio telephone lessons with qualified tutors, whether you’re a beginner or perfecting your skills, you’ll soon be speaking the language of Goethe like a native and know everything there is to know about the culture, economy and everyday life of all the German-speaking nations.

Learn to speak German with telelangue
Learn to speak German with telelangue

Improve your language skills by setting yourself challenges

Regardless of your starting level, the secrets of German grammar, vocabulary, verbs and pronunciation will soon be revealed. In just a few lessons you’ll be able to form complete, error-free sentences.

Whether you’ve an adventurous spirit or want to try all the modules available or prefer a more traditional learning style, our lessons are easy, intuitive and are flexible enough to suit your changing timetable! Our main objective is to make learning German a pleasure, something to do during a coffee break if you’re in a hurry, or in a specific time slot, on your own or with support, when you are able to set aside some special language learning time. 

German is an absolute must in the EU when it comes to international dialogue, and the more you learn the keener you’ll be to take your learning even further

Give yourself time – or learn to make time!

Our tried and tested methods have been used to teach thousands of language learners!

We go beyond the grammar sheets, spelling and syntax found in traditional German textbooks, to offer you a digital experience involving focused, active listening, with different accents and feedback on your progress by means of development indicators. The more you strive, the more you’ll see your efforts pay off! 

You won’t just be listening to a simple message and then repeating it – you’ll get feedback and support depending on your progress.

Learn to find the time

Learning German means accepting that you have to find the time to do the job properly. You have to set up a routine. After a few weeks it will have become second nature – you’ll need to be disciplined if you are to achieve real results.

Continuous learning

Keep your eyes open – be on the watch for every learning opportunity. TV series, music, Franco-German documentaries, culture podcasts that you could try translating into German…

To make even more rapid progress, you could take an interest in the culture of the country/countries whose language you’re learning and follow their politics, economy, culture and everyday life. 

Ready to learn the language of Goethe?

Choose German and you’re choosing a language that will bring you both personal and professional fulfilment. Because German does not appeal as much to learners as Spanish or English do, it will give you significant added value – you will be one of the privileged few entitled to add “Fluent in German” to their CVs. The lights have turned to green – it’s time to become a German language specialist!


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