A new leading-edge online learning experience


Language courses and interface languages

4 learning languages (English, French, Spanish and German) and 14 interface languages to support our key clients in the places where they have a physical presence:

  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Brazilian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese


User-friendly platform

A platform in tune with new learning behaviours

Intuitive: 1 click access to the programme’s key elements, intuitive navigation, integrated search engine. Our best foreign language learning site.

Learners always know what they have to do.

Multi-channel: content synchronised across PC, tablet and smartphone, accessible both online and offline.

Learners are interconnected with their online foreign language learning.

Gaming: CyberTeachers makes learning more exciting by using gaming tools to encourage learners to excel, increasing the pleasure of learning and strengthening motivation.

Learners stay on track throughout the course.

LMS: CyberTeachers is SCORM compliant and can therefore synchronise with all the main Learning Management Systems on the market (e.g. Crossknowledge, Cornerstone, Syfadis).


High performing tools

  • Work on the news
  • Vocal practice
  • Video learning
  • Micro learning
  • Social learning


A foreign language learning programme differentiated according to level

Cyberteachers My Program adapts to the needs of each learner, becoming ever more agile!

Personalised programmes: each with either a Social or a Business theme, the programmes work towards the 6 different European levels and focus on 20 different industries.

Learners work on improving the specific skills they need.

Structured Programmes: learners are offered online language courses including a programme of e-lessons that directly targets the skills they need.

Learners achieve their objectives more quickly with internet-based language courses.


Interactive educational approach

Cyberteachers employs an interactive, participative approach to learning.

On-the-job: emphasis is on practising the specific tasks learners need to perform at work, using language assistance tools and interactive dialogues.

This helps them to firmly anchor their situational skills.

Flexible: learners can adapt their programme to suit changes in their specific needs and interests, by choosing additional materials from the complementary resources library.

Learners play an active role in their learning.

New skills regularly recognised by means of mini-tests every 5 e-lessons.

Assessing progress is key to maintaining motivation.


Support / Live oral practice

Live chat: learners can engage in written chat at any time, either with the worldwide Telelangue learning community, or one-to-one with one of our language coaches. Got a question about your learning? Not sure about one of the exercises? Just ask and one of our team members will speak or write to you within 2 minutes.

Live classrooms: these are virtual conversation classes led by native speakers, so that members of the learning community can talk to each other. They give different cultures the opportunity to interact as they practise their language skills to discuss either work-based or current interest topics. There are 3 levels of classes (elementary, intermediate and advanced) to meet learners’ individual needs and profiles.

The coach leading the sessions introduces a human element to the classes, to complement existing CyberTeachers e-learning activities and community rooms. The classes are available in English 24/7, and in German and Spanish on a more restricted timetable.


Objective: Improve or refresh language skills for personal or professional reasons.

Prerequisites: None. Personalised according to learner’s level and goals.

Time needed to set up programme: 24 hours or upon receipt of your funding body’s agreement.

 Target audience: Private individuals and businesses

Method: Telelangue multi-channel e-learning. Blended learning also possible in combination with face-to-face or telephone-based lessons, via our foreign language learning organisation.

Follow-up: Detailed report platform, dedicated hotline.

 Languages: 4 learning languages: English, French, Spanish, German. Italian available in earlier version. 15 interface languages.


If you have a disability, please get in touch at so that we can meet your needs.

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