Our solution for supporting high-potential executives in their communication challenges

As an executive or director, you have to be able to master high level communication techniques in order to address strategic needs. Our exclusive approach means that our professional coaches can be there to help you at such key moments as these.


Our Promise

They will help you to:

  • prepare your strategic interventions more confidently
  • increase the impact of what you say
  • by learning the subtleties of the language
  • take into account the intercultural dimension of the people you are talking to
  • improve your leadership skills in the target language


Product benefits

As a result of these coaching sessions, you will be able to directly apply what you have learned to your own professional situation.


Flexible organisation

  • Recommended session length: 3 hours
  • Recommended course of 4x3h = 12h
  • Intensive or extensive according to need
  • At your premises or at a Telelangue partner centre

Our consultants

  • Our consultants have extensive coaching expertise for high-potential profiles
  • The nature of their career paths ensures their familiarity with a very diverse range of business situations
  • They are highly experienced in providing support with complex communication situations


Our exclusive approach

  • Individual sessions prepared specifically by our consultants to address your particular issue and its context

  • Learning style based on a dynamic approach in a variety of situations

  • Strategic advice regarding the objective you wish to achieve



From €540 excl. taxes, to include:

  • Registration
  • Online and oral language audit Learning materials
  • Based on a 3-hour individual session
  • Optional extra (+€200 excl. taxes): 90-minute lunch with the coach to extend the experience


Objective: To master communication techniques in English or French for use in strategic professional situations

Prerequisites: Level B1 or above

Target audience: Executives, managers and directors

Recommended session length: Minimum 3 hours coaching

Organisation: On site or online, choice of days and times

Method: Individual face-to-face sessions

In addition and subsequent to VIP coaching

The principle: to find out about your cultural preferences and improve your understanding of other cultures in professional situations.


Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI): assessment of your cultural profile across 17 dimensions and 34 orientations, in order to compare your behavioural style with the style to be expected. One hour telephone or webinar debrief with your consultant.



Managing Director of European subsidiary (pharmaceutical industry)

I had to persuade some English investors to support us regarding a project for external growth that involved purchasing a rival company. Telelangue’s support made me more confident and helped me to find the words I needed to succeed.”

Director of Finance (aeronautical industry)

“I needed to speak English well enough to talk to our head office in Japan about the previous year’s balance sheet, current indicators and the plan for the coming year. My personal coach devised a plan to meet my needs and enabled me to talk about these issues confidently in just a few hours of coaching.”

Director of Education and Training, corporate university (energy industry)

“I had to do a presentation in English, about harmonising education and training policy, to the education and training managers in the group’s various different countries. My Telelangue coach helped me find the most persuasive ways of putting things across and to adapt what I said to each country’s particular culture.”


If you have a disability, please get in touch at so that we can meet your needs.

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